Friday, August 7, 2009

Summer Days are drifting away...

Our summer is quickly going by, the count down to school has began. Where does the time so quickly go? The days seem so long at times, but the years so short.

We kicked of the summer with birthdays for Preston and Tyler. Preston's mom was able to visit from New Hampshire for Preston's special #37! He wanted cajun food for the special event, so we had a yummy dinner at Delacrouix's.

A short 4 days later, Tyler turned 12. He celebrated his birthday the day before the actual day at Auntie Pasta's with the family.

Tyler and Marshal

The Birthday Boy w/his Mom and Big Daddy

On Tyler's actual birthday day we went with Mimi to Louisiana for a few days-- with 5 kids.
As soon as we got on Hwy. 1, headed to Galliano, we saw an alligator. A man was holding it with a towel wrapped over it's head. The alligator's head, not the man's head. All of our attention went to see what the people with the alligator were trying to do, when they had crossed the road with the towel covered alligator headed toward the bayou. The cute 'lil fella must've ended up in their yard and was soon to be on back on his right path in the bayou. We don't have bayou's here where we live, it's kind of a fun word to get to throw around every now and then.

Cousin Arin & Tyler, 'Indian Wrestling'

We drove to New Orleans better known as NOLA, or N'Awlins' for 3 days straight. Let me tell you it was quite HOT!! We walked, we shopped, we drove, we ate. Did I mention we brought 5 kids? We went to the IMAX, we went to the zoo, we drove, we ate. And I bought some new sunglasses from SAKS 5th Ave.

<<<--- NOLA
Marshal, Tyler, Mimi, Arin, Hali & Coby- IMAX

Me, Sunglasses, SAKS

The ZOO Crew Kids

Now, one thing for sure, not many of you that have been to Louisiana have had the privilege of a personal tour of the COUGAR Hanger. Thanks to our very own special Tuffy, he rules that place. What he says goes (around the Hanger)... so we got past all the security and even got a couple of pictures to prove it. I don't think anyone even noticed the 5 kids, do you?

One of the Helicopter's

Marshal, Coby, Mimi, Hali, Arin, Tuffy and Tyler

We drove down to Gulf Shores. We played in the ocean. The sand was not sand there, it was slimy muck, but the water was still salty. I didn't taste it, though. Hali did, she told me. And I took her word for it. She knows what salt taste like.
<<----- Gulf Shores

We had some official New Orleans Sno Cones, while in NOLA. They were pretty yummy. I, actually, wish that I had one now. It was a long ride home, I mentioned the 5 kids, right? Luckily, we took a lunch break at the Cracker Barrel; filled our tummy's and took our turns to a game of checkers. The really cute Sno Cone Stand

Coby and Hali- Rockin' Chairs and Checkers

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Ok, I know.... I totally forgot about this thing

I have been so, uh, involved with life, kids, school and Rock Crawling that I have neglected my blogger. But to play catch up: I am currently attending SFASU working on my BSN. I am totally loving being a college giRl!! So much that I did a full load in the Spring, a Maymester and currently doing summer 1. But in my free time we go play on the rocks in our jeep. This past weekend was Preston's birthday weekend and we went to Katemcy-- it's near Llano, TX. A Pink Granite Mountain to play on. The boys went with us and had a great time. Hali stayed with Mimi and Coby stayed with Aunt Suzie.

Ty, Tyler, Marshal and our friend Doc...

We watched that movie called The Long, Long Trailer last night. It's an old Lucille Ball and Desi Arnez movie..... I just didn't realize how much in common I have with her personality... my kids even noticed!! They said "Mom, that is so what you would do!!" So, what can I say... Just call me Lucy.

Here's just a few more pics for fun... Tyler turned 11 June 1oth... Arin and siblings Coby & Hali

Marshal and Ty
Preston and Tyler.... Preston's Birthday And it's me!!

Friday, December 21, 2007

Thanksgiving Trip pics

If this link works correctly you will be able to view our pics from our Thanksgiving trip...

Hot Springs Arkansas Thanksgiving

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Hali and her bubbles!

Preston helped build this buggy!!!
I told you I could drive!!
And Karaoke a little bit too.

Tyler and Marshal at the Fire House being silly!


Our Intro

You know I have a MySpace, a FaceBook and thought that I need a blogger too!! What else do I have to do all day? Yes, the house is clean, the babies are fed and I have laundry going as I type... I've got it under control. So, if the phone will stop ringing I can get this show on the road. For intro I am going to post some pics from the past couple of months because I haven't taken any photo's this week.... don't ask; I know I'm slacking on that.

Preston and I have really enjoyed our new Rock Crawling hobby. If you thought we were 2 peas in a pod before you will for sure now. I even got to drive the Cherokee and almost did a nose dive but have no photo to prove it. What more could a husband ask for than to have a wife that is just as good at wheelin' as he is? I think that means that I may be needing to get my own jeep soon & I want it to be pink!! So, I will set up the pay pal link below for donations!!

Anyway, We have gotten to experience Hot Springs, AK (twice); Mt. Barnwell in Gilmer, TX and W.E. Rock in Spring, TX. And yes, not only did I get to meet and hang out with "Ice Man" Dean Bulloch and Krazy Karl Munsford... but I got to take a picture in there buggy, make them a cheer that was read over the speakers and became Dean's favorite Mormon!! He wrote it on my t-shirt that he autographed!!!

In our home there is not much time for a dull moment; it's a good thing we have a sense of humor around here. But we are so blessed with some really sweet children 4 boys and a girl. Ty is 14, Tyler 10, Marshal 6, Hali 3, and Coby 2. And they are all mama's but don't tell their daddy.

As most of you that know me know that this could turn into a book if I type like I talk... so I am going to head to the files and add some photos. It's so great to have a blogger; what a big release I already feel and I have just begun!!! Much love...